World’s Largest Lesson
Explorers for the Global Goals

Introducing young children to the Sustainable Development Goals

The brief:
In 2015, all United Nations Member States signed up to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (the Global Goals). The Goals recognise the commitments that need to be made to improve health and education, reduce inequality, drive economic growth, tackle climate change and preserve our oceans across the world, by 2030.

World’s Largest Lesson had successfully made the Goals understandable to children over the age of 8. Now, for the first time, they were developing resources for 4-8 years. A world for the Explorers for the Global Goals needed to be created, with the five characters who lived in it. Materials needed to be vibrant and exciting to inspire teachers and parents to use them. By making the Global Goals appealing to younger children, the more they will be supported over the next 10 years.

The solution:
Five playful, colourful characters – Ekani Empathy, Claudie Curiosity, Parker The Problem Solver, Crawford Creativity and Cassia Communication – took children through five learning adventures. These intrepid explorers were based on animals from across the world to ensure that they were relatable to all nationalities. Words were avoided in their appearance to make them understandable in all languages.

Activity and introductory packs for teachers and parents were designed with colour coding and hand-drawn icons to make them fun and accessible across different countries and languages. The materials’ textured style added warmth to the world the characters inhabited.

The adaptable style was translated to downloadable stickers, certificates and colouring sheets, giving teachers and parents a hub of engaging resources.

  • The results

    Five, unique, colourful characters with child-friendly stories help young children to understand the Global Goals.

    With the project going live during the COVID-19 pandemic, the resources provided a source of easy-to-use home learning materials.

    Downloadable stickers, colouring sheets made the resources easy to access, print and share.

    See all the materials at World's Largest Lesson


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