The Elephant Group
Brand development

An engaging brand for an ambitious, social mobility charity.

The brief:
Today in the UK, it remains the case that access to the most selective universities is significantly determined by family income. Founded by a group of Head Teachers in 2018, The Elephant Group aims to ensure that the top third of non-selective state school pupils access the top third universities.

As a new charity, The Elephant Group required branding, marketing materials and schools-facing literature in order to communicate its mission and programme to prospective schools, universities and partner organisations.

The solution:
With university access as the central focus of the charity, the final logo crafted together an elephant emblem and a graduate to create a memorable marque. Marketing materials were designed to highlight key statistics and quotations to demonstrate the clear purpose of the charity at a glance. The brand look and feel, based on blocks of colour and gridded content, created a flexible, consistent visual language which could be easily replicated in future materials.

As a new charity, Mirrorsmith were instrumental in crafting our branding, initial marketing materials and schools-facing literature. Their consistent high quality and patience with us was brilliant, and we now look and feel like a much more professional and ambitious organisation. Highly recommend!

Laura Compton, Managing Director


  • The results

    A bold, vibrant brand with a strong colour palette.

    Professional materials which communicate the clear mission of the charity and its programme to a wide range of stakeholders.

    A clear expression of the charity's mission throughout.

    A design scheme which can be taken in-house by the charity in order to develop future materials independently.


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