Surrey Square Primary School
Brand development

Putting the children at the heart of a school's new brand.

The brief:
Surrey Square Primary School is a community school primarily serving the Aylesbury Estate in South East London. It has seven core values rather than school rules. These values promote personal excellence in children and adults alike.

The school wanted to ensure that all of its materials communicated ‘Excellence’ and that children were at the heart of everything it does. The Head Teachers felt that their current marketing materials and signage were inconsistent and fell short of communicating the unique personality, vitality and achievements of the school.

The solution:
An audit of existing materials and discussions with the leadership team helped establish the unique mission and vision of the school and the characteristics which a successful brand should communicate for them.

The chosen brand route enlisted the school’s young artists to create line drawings based on their interpretations of the seven values. This put their creativity at the core of the new brand. Typeface, colour palette and styling was consistent across all pieces to ensure that the Surrey Square Primary School was instantly recognisable.

Working with Kieli on this project has been an absolute pleasure. She has an amazing ability to take an idea or concept and bring it to life in the most wonderful, creative way. She has totally captured the essence of what we wanted to convey, and worked in an incredibly efficient and cost effective way. Her attention to detail is remarkable, and we love the fact that she oversees every aspect of the production and installation. I can not recommend Kieli and her work highly enough – she has helped us ensure that the look and feel of Surrey Square are just as special as what goes on every day. Liz Robinson, Head Teacher, Surrey Square Primary School






  • The results

    Vibrant, engaging and colourful school signage to communicate the school's mission

    A 12 metre long banner to cover the prominent lift shaft and communicate the school’s values to the whole community

    A welcoming reception area which celebrates the children’s drawings and enables the school to display changing content such as its weekly newsletter

    Postcards, posters and classroom signs which communicate the seven values and bring vitality to the school building

    Redesign of the school’s website to bring it in line with the brand

    Creation of Microsoft Office templates for stationery and the school newsletter

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