Surrey Square Primary School
Core Values characters

Friendly characters help make a school's values memorable.

The brief:
Surrey Square Primary School doesn’t have rules — it has seven core values instead. The teachers use these to talk to children about their behaviour and choices they make.

Traditionally the school had used words to explain the values to children but they wanted to help the children understand the associated feelings and emotions that might arise from the values in a more visual way – with the creation of characters.

The solution:
Working together, we pinpointed the behaviours and qualities that teachers would be talking to the children about when discussing the core values. Using this Mirrorsmith created seven characters – Kofi Compassion, Percy Perseverance, Ri-Ri Respect, Col Community, Rafa Responsibility, Joy Enjoyment and Ebi and Efia and the Excellence twins – who personified the values. Each character was accompanied by its own story, which helped the children understand the values and behaviours in more depth, and helped the teachers to bring the values to life.

The launch of compassion and Kofi has gone extremely well! Even the Nursery children are able to articulate what compassion means to them, greatly helped particularly by the ‘swirl’ and the ‘big listening ears! Surrey Square Primary School


  • The results

    Seven unique, hand-drawn Core Value characters which helped to embed the Core Values throughout the school and make them memorable for the children, teachers, parents and carers

    Posters, reward stickers and postcards

    Core Value books for both pupils and parents to introduce the characters and record attainment

    A behaviour management tool which uses the characters to reinforce positive choices in the classroom

    Sourcing and creation of character costumes, puppets and props for assemblies

    Easy to use, robust noticeboards with front opening frames to display excellent work and encourage achievement

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