Air Pollution report

Using illustration to increase the impact of a key publication.

The brief:
The Royal College of Physicians (The RCP) aims to improve patient care and reduce illness in the UK and across the globe. The organisation works with other health organisations to enhance the quality of medical care, and promote research and innovation.

The RCP was jointly publishing a working party report ‘Every breath we take’ with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, which looked at the impact of air pollution on public health, how the sources of air pollution have changed over time and what we can expect in the future.

With such a high-profile report, and a broad audience reaching beyond the medical field, the RCP wished to commission a series of illustrations to highlight the key points of each chapter.

The solution:
After researching the RCP brand style, a complementary graphic illustration style was developed for the report’s graphics. Working closely with the editorial team, rough sketches were created, before developing them to full illustrations, and working with the typesetters to ensure they worked well in the final report.

Infographic elements, diagrams and charts throughout the document were redrawn to create a consistent and coherent report.

We have been absolutely delighted by the interest in / exposure of the air pollution report. It is leading to new partnerships and policy work to take forward some of our key messages and recommendations. Your artwork lent a fantastic visual component to the report, which added impact to the figures and opened the data up to new audiences. Managing Editor, Royal College of Physicians
  • The results

    Concept development and creation of illustrations to accompany the executive summary for each chapter

    Distilling detailed copy to create compelling graphics

    Redrawing and creation of figures and charts throughout the report to ensure a consistent style

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