English Mastery
Brand materials

A brand with a love of literature.

The brief:
English Mastery’s mission is to transform the way the subject of English is taught at key stage three in UK classrooms. It believes that students should have the opportunity to study the knowledge, concepts and stories that have shaped the world.

With a new logo, English Mastery needed materials to communicate its programme to existing and prospective schools. Mirrorsmith was briefed with developing a brand language which communicated English Mastery’s love of literature to the teachers who would be using its programmes. The style needed to be warm, friendly and not feel corporate.

The solution:
A hand-drawn illustration style was developed for use throughout brand materials. Illustrations explored the themes of the books being discussed and was also used for icons and to support key statistics and programme highlights.

The elements used in the English Mastery logo were used at a large scale in materials, to hold testimonials and balance generous amounts of white space, giving a fresh, contemporary feel to the brand.

Mirrorsmith’s thoughtful design and imaginative illustrations have transformed the way we present ourselves to existing and prospective schools. Documents that could be quite dull, like a welcome pack or information brochure, were brought to life and made exciting for our schools. The design was not only attractive, but it perfectly complemented the content. This design has made people want to read the documents.

Every stage of working with Mirrorsmith has been fantastic. I was particularly impressed by how they were able to transform our vague ideas and feelings into a living and breathing document. They knew exactly what we wanted even though we couldn’t completely articulate it. In my view, that is the definition of a brilliant design relationship. We couldn’t recommend Mirrorsmith any more highly.

English Mastery
  • The results

    Illustrations and icons which the English Mastery team can use in their in-house communications materials.

    A consistent, professional style which remains warm and friendly without feeling overly corporate.

    A suite of brand materials from brochures, Welcome Packs, flyers and Christmas cards which place a passion for literature at the centre of the brand.




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