The Crest Academy
Interiors and signage

From grey walls to an inspiring space.

The brief

The Crest Academy opened its state-of-the-art, new, five story building in September 2014. Principal Mohsen Ojja briefed Mirrorsmith to help reinforce the academy’s mission and values throughout the building and support the school’s commitment to raising the aspirations of all students to prepare them for university and to be leaders.

The beautiful architecture of the building’s exterior was not reflected internally.  The school’s interiors consisted of endless grey walls, but the large wall areas offered lots of potential for inspiring the students, teachers and other visitors.

The two interlinked, tall, tower blocks made navigating the corridors (and working out the floor you were on) tricky – especially for new Year 7 students.

The solution

A bold, colourful, typographical concept was developed to punctuate the wash of grey. A simple, geometric, industrial design style was created to complement the architecture.

Working together with the Vice Principal and teachers, quotations were selected from relevant historical figures, industry leaders and the students themselves. These were applied throughout the building as bold feature walls echoing the subject areas where they were located.

The wall graphics and wayfinding on each floor were given a colour-coded system to help students navigate (and help ease some first-day-at-school angst!).

The resulting vivid space communicates optimism, achievement, and that with hard work, anything is possible.

Mirrorsmith’s design and stunning creative solutions have transformed our school environment from a grey, uninspiring space, to something which wows both students and parents alike, whilst reinforcing our core academy values.

Working with Mirrorsmith over a three month period, I have been impressed by the solution focused attitude, professionalism and ability to meet deadlines. I cannot recommend them highly enough and know that we will certainly be continuing to work together in the future. Vice Principal, The Crest Academy







  • The results

    Dramatic, 12 metre long banners, created from the winning artwork from a student competition, were hung in the five-storey central atrium. A showcase piece to communicate the academy's values whilst creating a sense of pride and ownership for the students

    Every teaching room was installed with an eye-catching values board and large, bold, graphics to inspire students to experiment and keep learning

    A colour-coded signage system to help navigation

    Bold, graphic feature walls to inspire and educate

    Clear exterior and interior signage to support staff duties and fire assembly requirements

    A consistent reinforcement of the academy's ethos and expectations throughout the building


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