Event materials

Design support for fundraising, awareness and education events.

The brief:
Ark is an international charity, transforming lives through education. In the UK, it has a network of 35 schools, whilst internationally its ventures and partnerships aim to improve education systems and give all young people access to great education.

Mirrorsmith supports Ark’s fundraising and awareness programme, as well as celebratory music and art events, taking place throughout the year.

The solution:

Ark’s creative approach to events is mirrored in the design of its event materials. Invitations, auction brochures and Gala Music programmes are created to reflect the spirit of the event. The organisation’s clear brand guidelines are dialled up and down to suit the audience.

Often working to tight turnaround times, attention to detail is critical to ensure the event team can focus on the main event!


  • The results

    Concept development based on the event's theme

    Invitations, pledge cards, brochures and environmental graphics help ensure the smooth running of each event


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