Ark Evelyn Grace Academy
Building graphics

Communicating mission, values and ethos.

The brief:
With a newly developed mission statement and values, Ark Evelyn Grace Academy tasked Mirrorsmith to help them to communicate these throughout the interior and exterior of the school building to students, staff and the local community.

The school’s award-winning architecture featured angular, sloping walls and lots of glass and we were engaged to plan the scheme, identify which areas would have the greatest impact and recommend the most suitable graphic treatments for day-to-day school life.

With a dazzling building, the school was already on the map, however the Principal wanted to spread the word throughout the local community about its mission and focus.

The solution:
The dramatic glass walkway which greets all visitors was the perfect position for the new mission statement, accompanied by welcoming student imagery. At floor level we developed a ‘Culture Wheel’ which summarised the school’s mission, values and ‘Circle of Strengths’ in one graphic.

In the main hall the mission statement and ‘Culture Wheel’ was integrated into the layout of the room in order to create a large-scale backdrop for assemblies and provide a constant, positive reminder for all.

These core elements were supported by inspirational quotations throughout the building which worked with the architecture to reinforce the ethos of the school.

Bright, colourful flags and banners featuring students’ work were installed on the exterior of the building. These softened the building and brought colour and warmth to the space.

My mission this academic year has been to bring more clarity and understanding to who we are as an academy and what we stand for. ‘Cleverer and kinder every day’ is more than just words but a state of mind, a personal commitment we should all strive for. I felt as a school we needed a focal image that encapsulated this and served as a reminder.

The creation of our ‘Culture Wheel’ by Mirrorsmith does this in one go. From it we have been able to create a number of graphics that create a fluid flow of inspiration around the academy for both students and staff to learn and work in.

Our perimeter banners give us more of a local presence. People knew a school was here before but now they know who we are.

Tim Dainty, Principal, Ark Evelyn Grace Academy


Working with Kieli from Mirrorsmith has been such a wonderful opportunity and experience. I have learnt so much from her about design and graphics. What I am most impressed with was her skill to listen to our needs, look at our existing concepts and fully adapt those to create much more precise and polished graphics that captured exactly who we are in one image. Each graphic designed fully captures who we are and our mission as a school. She adapted each design to compliment the area of the school in which it sits, giving more character, depth and meaning to the design.

Vida Ekhator, Marketing, Communications and Admissions Officer, Ark Evelyn Grace Academy

  • The results

    A school with a clear local presence.

    Mission, values and ethos simply summarised in an easy to understand graphic.

    Bold, eye-catching graphics which set the tone for expectations and behaviour throughout the school.

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