School values characters

Mirrorsmith works with schools to help embed their values into every day school life.

Friendly characters make values memorable and more easy to understand for children. When shaped around key behaviours and attributes the characters help members of the school community reflect on, and choose, the right behaviour. The use of characters also creates consistency throughout communication and can be used through a wide range of materials to support learning and teaching.

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View Surrey Square Primary School case study


Mirrorsmith has helped transform the ethos of the school. They have been a delight to work with and have listened through every stage of developing our values. Their work around developing our school values has been inspirational and has transformed the feel of our school. I would recommend anyone looking to move away from rules and towards values to work with Kieli, she is amazing.Joe Croft, Headteacher, Ravenstone Primary School

Courtney Curiosity and Gary Growth from Richard Atkins Primary School

Imari Inclusion and Hetty High Aspirations from Lancasterian Primary School

School values books introduce core values to parents and help map pupil attainment

Surrey Square Primary School – ‘Little Book of Big Values’ introduction book

Surrey Square Primary School – playground graphics

Interior graphics from Lancasterian Primary School and Surrey Square Primary School

Ravenstone Primary School – Classroom values board

Surrey Square Primary School – reward stickers

The One Degree Academy core values family of characters are based around the school’s STRIVE ethos

Values character used to support learning and attendance

Surrey Square reward postcards help to communicate success with parents and carers

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